PODCAST: TIO - Ep.8 - What Does Family Mean To You?

In this episode, I explore the question:

"What Does Family Mean To You?"

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The Inside Out – Program Notes

Episode 8 - What Does Family Mean To You?

00:00 – Episode Opening

00:56 – Housekeeping

02:20 – The Guiding Question - “What Does Family Mean To You?”

03:57 – Some of my thoughts on family.

06:43 – Chatting with Phoenix.

08:45 – GO BUY THIS ALBUM! —> Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, ‘Dragons’ Album link: https://orcd.co/dragons

11:35 – Chatting with Charlie. “REALLY low on snacks!”

13:17 – The inspiration for this episode – Sylove Jean.

15:30 – Tell me what family means to you. Send me an email (or voicemail) at LukeRenner.com

16:00 – – Mitch Albom sound bite, sourced from a story reported by Nancy Chiles on CBS Sunday Morning. That report can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TatbwQfpQfM

17:47 – Chatting with Samara and Sam.

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