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Updated: Feb 8, 2019

A black and white photograph of Luke Renner.
This is me in a hat.

Welcome to The Inside Out. My name is Luke Renner and I’m the guy behind this.

"So what is this?” you ask.

For about 38 years I was pretty twisted up on the inside—damaged goods—the product of attachment disorder and childhood trauma, all of which came to a head in 2010, when I developed a pretty nasty case of PTSD after spending some time roaming the streets of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, in the immediate days and weeks following the earthquake of January 12.

Eventually—and there's a TREMENDOUS amount of time and pain and struggle that lives between that "eventually" and what comes next—I was saved by a handful of insufferably patient people.

It was under their gracious (and unwanted) persistence that I began to consciously "awaken" to the predicament that I was in. For the better part of thirty-five years I had been living in an alternate universe.

Mine was a detached life, filled with rage, impulsivity, paranoia, isolation, distrust, fragmentation, self-harm, shallow relationships, addiction, crippling debt, and more. My "normal" was my nightmare, a nightmare from which I was only beginning to awaken.

When faced with the inescapable truth of who and what I was, I decided to work my way toward wellness, the only survivable direction left to go. This blog is my way of documenting that journey—my way of getting the inside out.

An fantasy image of a tree growing from the pages of an open book.

As I work through my own healing, I invite your friendship and companionship for the journey. Frankly, we are all in need of a community of supportive souls (I suspect you may need that as well). So please read along and listen. Please contribute. And please begin (or continue) your own journey toward wellness.

In order to update you when I post something new, I have created an email list. Please sign up for these updates so that you don't miss anything. I promise that I will not bombard you with emails. In fact, on the outset, I'm thinking that I may only post new blog content every couple of weeks or so, with the occasional motivational thought tossed in-between for good measure.

Subscribing is easy. Simply fill in your email (below), click 'Subscribe,' and then verify your email address with the email that you receive.

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