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Luke A. Renner


A photo of Luke A. Renner, smiling with his arms crossed.

About Me

Flawed, struggling, and learning as I go, I am a son, a brother, a husband, and a father to six incredible human beings.

After that, I find great satisfaction in helping others explore, discover, create, & experience their greatest potential & purpose, using the tools of story & communication as my medium.

How can I help you use 'story for good'?

About Me
A silhouette of Luke A. Renner, walking into the setting sun, while strands of tall grass blow both near and far, adding to the overall dramatic effect.
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In addition to my own work, I regularly partner with individuals, communities, and organizations around the world to deliver a wide variety of services, such as consultation, keynote speaking, writing, content production, and one-on-one coaching. I do this both in-person & remotely, according to what makes the most sense.

If you have interest in working with me in some capacity, please send your request to my booking agent by clicking here.



Life works better when we communicate. To ask me a question or to share your thoughts, simply drop me a message (with as much detail as possible) and I (or my assistant) will be in touch with you shortly. To book me for professional services, please click here to contact my management team.   


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Luke A. Renner

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A portrait of Katie Edwards Hooten, Head of Studio at Technicolor

Katie Hooten,

Head of Studio - Technicolor

I’ve known Luke for many years, and I’m always impressed by his pursuit to bring meaning and healing through story. He is technically skilled, multi-talented in all areas of production, and has a great knack for problem solving, but ultimately it’s his heart that sets him apart.

A portrait of Merline and John Engle, Co-Directors of Haiti Partners

Merline & John Engle

Directors - Haiti Partners

Luke has been our storytelling 'go-to' for 15 years. From writing, video, photography & consultation, Luke delivers remarkable work. And, he’s also a delight to work with!

A portrait of Eric Poland, Emmy Award-winning Producer

Eric Poland

Emmy Award-winning Producer

I look forward to every opportunity I have to partner with Luke.  I appreciate the work ethic, enthusiasm, and exceptional storytelling abilities he brings to every project.  But even more than his creative talents, I treasure his warm heart and the genuine care he shows towards others.

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