What Lies Inside at Goshen College

On March 25, I was overjoyed to hop in my car and travel a couple of hours north to Goshen College, the professional stomping grounds of my longtime friend and colleague, Kyle Hufford.

Kyle Hufford - Associate Professor of Communications - Goshen College - March 2021

Kyle and I go way back, including a shared trip to Haiti, not long before my family and I moved there back in 2009.

With this visit, Kyle invited me up to dialogue with some of his students concerning one of their recent assignments — watching my film, What Lies Inside.

Luke A. Renner speaking to a communications class at Goshen College, March 2021

Now then, you’ll have to excuse me just a moment while I pick up the pieces of my blown mind.

I’m not sure why, but I never really spent much time thinking about what it would be like once the film was finally finished and this new phase would begin.

The sharing. The exploring. The exchanges.

It was a wonderful time of connection and conversation that filled me in ways which hardly seem fair.

There were tears. There were hugs. It was just an overall wonderful time of connection and coming together.

Luke A. Renner speaking to a communications class at Goshen College, March 2021

I look forward to more opportunities like this down the road. There’s just something magical about seeing the beast you’ve been wrestling finally tamed and safely transporting people to places they’ve not yet been.

It baffles me to think of how much fear I wasted on what would eventually be this exceedingly positive experience in my life.

Which brings me to you.

Now that the film is finally out of my head and circulating in the world, one of the emerging drives of my heart is to encourage and assist others—perhaps even you—in getting your voice, your story, or your message into the world. Naturally, not everything will be a film, but the craft and dependability of Story as both an art form and the substrate of human advancement doesn’t ultimately care what shape you give it or what name you call it.

If you’ve got a message burning a hole straight through you, I wish you would let me help you bring that out.

To Be Clear...

This isn’t life coaching, it’s purpose making.

It isn’t therapy, it’s expression.

I‘m definitely not a guru, but your “personal fear Sherpa” wouldn’t be too far off. 🤣

Whether it's speaking to a group of eager students or working one on one with an individual, I have finally returned to my deep love of bringing people together under the common purpose of looking for pathways to understanding, renewal, and hope.

I invite you to join me!

For more information on working with me, please send me an email.
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