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What Are You Correcting For?

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Here's something to think about...

When we discipline our children, we should be clear, we are sometimes correcting for errors they made due to our own lack of self-discipline. In other words, we are disciplining them for our faults.

Unfortunately, correcting the behavior of another when its roots run straight through you is an exercise in madness that holds the power to create and/or foster unwellness that can pass from generation to generation.

Today, may we remember what is ours to overcome and be careful not to make others pay for our own shortcomings. May we each see what is ours to do, courageously own that work, and then remove it from those whom we have unfairly burdened.

May all of us who hunger for justice, righteousness, and fairness take pause from our outward-facing judgements and return to our own inner-facing work of self-forgiveness, self-love, and self-discipline.

This is my prayer today, that all discipline, in its purest form, may be an experience that is both humbling and corporately uplifting, not as a tool of division, but of connection and strengthening. May we fully own what is ours, show compassion for the burden others must bear, and find the grace to make up the difference between the two.

- Luke

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