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A Great Story

I heard a great story today.

It's a story about how, no matter what the old guard says, you can forfeit their legacy and start over.

You can be what you want, not what you have been told that you are.

You were handed a story in-progress. It’s yours to do with as you please.

The old guard may hate this. They may even hate you.


To hell with their anger and fear and lust for vengeance; you get to make your own decisions, just like them and everyone who came before them.

Think about that.

No matter what story you've found yourself in... you get to decide how it goes, from the moment you realize it until the moment you meet your end.

You can stop the presses.

Fire the editor.

Change the model.

They built a tower.

You can knock it down.

They made a rule.

You can overhaul it.

As powerful people sometimes do, they stole your innocence, but they will not steal your resolve.

Children become adults, adults who remember what happened when they were children and vow to wipe their oppressor's influence off the face of the earth.

That is powerful.

The old guard should savor the flavor while it lasts. Their favorite dish is about to be served cold, then forever retired.

It is their offspring who will strike it from the menu, denouncing it, and landing the old guard in its rightful place in history, among the lost, misguided, and unfortunate souls who were once wounded and could not find restoration. Where their anger is evident, so too is their pain.

It is time to remind ourselves once more — perhaps daily — that the virtues of love are eternal, while the price of hate goes up every day.

You have as much power as anyone else to change your corner of the world.

I urge you to change it for the better!


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