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3 Notes on COVID-19

Here are a few of my random thoughts on this Coronavirus thingy:

1 - When arguing comparisons between other illnesses (which is worse, this or that?), recognize that having the coronavirus to deal with is problematic, in part, because it comes in addition to everything else. Even if it isn’t “as bad” as (?) in one way or another, it is here now and, because of that, more people can get sick in even more ways. In other words, stop comparing diseases as if they were super heroes or wrestlers, out to do battle with one another. They aren’t fighting one another. They are all coming for you!

2 - Don’t be an “accidental asshole.” We get it, you are strong. That said, not being worried about your own safety doesn’t give you permission to ignore or disrespect your community. You may be strong as an ox, but your 86 year old neighbor isn’t. The young child with a compromised immune system, the recent organ recipient, and so many others would be better off not having to face COVID-19. That is why it is important for your Herculean ass to lay low. Your ability to survive the virus isn’t a license for you to carelessly spread it to someone else for whom it could prove fatal. Don’t foster the virus.

3 - I am generally encouraged to see that humans are rallying around the problem in a way that was once a thing of fiction. Global sharing of information, community engagement, personal action and advocacy... it’s all quite remarkable when you think about it. Whereas disease once decimated entire civilizations by surprise, they now cause toilet paper shortages. Incredible.

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